Chef Gautam Mehrishi prepares us Salmon Two Ways!

Salmon is a very delicate fish, cutting it when it’s slighlty cold is the only way to ensure an even cut. Let’s prepare Salmon two ways with this exciting recipe:

1) Salmon 3 finely cut pieces
2) Olive Oil (extra virgin)
3) Salt & Pepper

Glaze the fish with the oil using a spoon, without going overboard. Smoke it with a blowtorch to scorch the cut, you can easily see the flakes of the fish are now showing more predominantly.

While the oil is seeping through, add salt and pepper and keep it for half a minute.

In a boiling water, add cocktail onions while keeping their heads intact

We are going to use some macerated strawberries to top it up.
It’s simple to prepare them wash, hull, and slice strawberries and place it onto the salmon that has salt over it. Allow to stand for 5 minutes for strawberries to release their natural juices, but not so long that they begin to become mush.

Also Macerated strawberries can also be prepared using sugar instead of salt which gives the same effect on the sweeter side.


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