Media Coverage: Food For Though Fest 2018

India, Indonesia bond over shared platter–indonesia-bond-over-shared-platter.html?fbclid=IwAR2p9Bs0r-dqlp9GLBDdvfedvfy_YJ5vQNDylRoWxehnmwdbVRw_iLu0yFM

The  Ambassador for the Republic of Indonesia to India, His Excellency Sidharto R Suryodipuro, said “We are really happy to host the Food for Thought Fest at the Embassy. This fest is a good way to promote both Indonesian culture and tourism. Inviting countries from Asia here at the fest is the best way to bring in more harmony via food.”Food for Thought Fest 2018: Here’s how to cook easy Bangladeshi foodh

Food for Thought Fest 2018: Here’s how to cook easy Bangladeshi food


Chef Reshad Mehmood, from Bangladesh shares some simple tips to woo your Bangladeshi friends with your cooking. 

The second part coverage of Food For Thought Fest 2018 on #Goodtimeschannel highlighting Indonesia as an ideal tourist destination for the Indian traveller .

Food For Thought Fest 2018 | GoodTimes | 

A diverse culinary treat for Delhiites at the fourth edition .. 

Advaita Kala, who accompanied Indonesian chef Iswarni MZ, said 
“It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this event …
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Special Coverage by Chef Ex of a marvelous event, “Food for Thought, 2018” organised by South Asian Association for Gastronomy.

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